Monday, September 3, 2012

Handbaskets, Paved Roads & Other Debacles

Happy Labor Day morning!  I am finally feeling like I can take a few minutes to post.  The first two weeks of school are under my belt and I plan on going back tomorrow.  Always a good thing!! 

Warning - Non-knitting story about to unravel!!

So I woke up early Saturday morning and thought I will get everything done today and then I can relax the rest of the weekend.  Great plan in theory!

After a very productive morning cleaning house and washing laundry, I settled down to tackle my To-Do List from school.  I went through the weeks worth of emails, happily deleting & checking things off my list.  Then I decided to get a daily schedule of all the comings & goings of my students.  The number of pull-outs occurring on a daily basis in my classroom is enough to make your head spin.

I reached in my school bag for my external hard drive, which houses EVERYTHING in my world.  It isn't there.  I check my purse.  Nope not there either.  Yep you guessed it - I left it at school.  No problem.  I have a badge that opens the doors.  All I need is a code to turn off the alarm.  No hyperventilation happening. Yet!

I obtain a code from another teacher at my school.  Grab a box of books for my classroom library.  Off I go to retrieve my hard drive. 

Here is where things start to take a BIG downward turn!!

I let myself in the front door of the building with my badge.  Head to the alarm keypad.  Enter in the code.  Alarm goes off!!!  I try the code again to no avail.  That's OK.  I know the password for the security call I am about to receive. 

I enter into the main office to wait for the call.  Phone rings.  I answer & give the password.  All is right with the world.  Except the alarm doesn't go off.  I head back out to try my code again.  Phone rings again.  I answer & speak to a second alarm company employee.  Give her the password.  Ask how I turn alarm off.  She suggests I try my alarm code again while on the phone with her.  I say "OK hold on a sec".  I set the phone down and head out the office door.

As I hear the click of the lock re-engaging, I turn and scream NOOOOOO.  There on the office counter is my purse, car keys, cellphone, & badge!!!!  This is where panic starts to take over.  I am stuck!  I can't get back into the office to get my stuff.  I can't get back into my house because my keys are in the office.  I have no phone numbers because my cellphone is next to my keys.

Enter in my saving grace.  The box of books I mentioned earlier was extremely heavy so I had asked for some help getting it into school.  My knight in shining armor was waiting out in front of school for me to turn the alarm off. 

I walk out to the car and ask if I can use his phone.  I use white to look up fellow teachers' phone number and start calling.  After my second attempt, I reach the teacher who teaches in the room next to me.  She said she would be right there with her badge.  Oh thank goodness!!!

She arrives with her adorable son in tow.  We call another teacher and get a different alarm code.  We enter the building, use the new code to turn off the alarm & head happily to my room.  I grab my hard drive.  We drop off the books. 

After all this excitement, I did not get any planning accomplished.  So here I sit surrounded by school stuff.  Good thing I can spend my entire day planning with Agent Jethro Gibbs & team!

In knitting news, I have been working on my Origami Sweater.  I have about 20 inches of the large panel finished.  The knit 1, purl 1 repeat is great mindless knitting.  Only 46 more inches left to go on this panel!!


  1. Very good story. always nice to have back up. thanks to your night and shinning armor and you wonderful co worker..:)

  2. Seriously, Lucy, this is how I find out about this? On your blog!!!