Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lovely Lady

I  present to you my completed Lady Jane Wrap!  Yes I said completed.  I finished it up today while watching Channing Tatum in Step Up (not the best acting, just enjoyed watching Channing!).
Lady Jane Wrap
I started this wrap back in May.  I knit it with Frog Tree Pediboo yarn in a pale pink.  Now pink is not a color to which I gravitate.  However I love this shade of pink and absolutely adore the yarn.  Here are a couple more finished pics of Lady Jane.

A few months ago I received a frantic text message from my nephew, The Prince.  He was very upset because his mother (my sister) lost his hand knit hat.  He wanted to know how fast I could knit him a new one.  (Yes his texting skills rank in the advanced category for a one year old.) 

The yarn I used for his beloved hat was Plymouth Baby Boutique.  Great yarn for baby hats.  Well baby hats for GIRLS!!  Why must almost all baby yarns have some shade of pink or purple in them.  Do they not realize that some of us are knitting for BOYS!  I went on a hunt for some soft yarn to use for a hat fit for a Prince.

Now before you are all cursing my sister for losing the hat, you must know that she found it under his car seat.  I'm sure SHE shoved it there because there is no possible way that Prince would have done that to his hat! 

So after months and months of searching for yarn, I decided on cotton supreme batik from Universal Yarn Inc.  This yarn is 100% COTTON and extremely soft.  And there is not one hint of pink or purple.  I cast on 80 stitches.  Knit in a 2 x 2 rib for about an inch and a half.  Switched to stockinette for another 5 inches.  Evenly decreased until I was left with 8 stitched and bound off.  Here is Prince's new hat!

Prince K's new hat!

I started this project Thursday evening and finished it Saturday morning.  I love hats for this reason.  Instant gratification! 
Another view of Prince K's hat

I know some of you are impressed at all the finished projects I am churning out.  My only answer to this is I realize my days are numbered.  I am hoping to continue my knitting mojo this week and finish my Summer Flies shawl.  (pics will be forthcoming)

In Adventurous News, this weekend was the Green Grove Garden's Hot Air Balloon Festival.  The weather did not cooperate for the 6pm balloon launch Saturday evening - disappointment!!  They did inflate all the balloons around 8:00 for the Balloon Glow. 

Balloon Glow
Now the Adventurous Countdown begins for Kenny Chesney!  Only 6 more days until he has the chance to pick me out of the crowd to run off into the sun with him!  Kenny, if you're reading, I'll be the red head in the Tennessee tank top.


  1. Shawl looks great :) good luck with the whole "riding off with kenny thing"

  2. Great hat!! I love it! Yes Aunt was Momma who lost my hat in the car....(she misplaces everything of, socks, hats & balls).
    Thanks for making me a new one!
    Love ~Prince K